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pink, gold and grey love heart book sling with a boy reading a book


Handmade with love

Here at House of Bobbins we are passionate about handmade. And yes - we make it all ourselves.

All of our products are lovingly hand crafted from a-grade FSC certified birch plywood, high quality cotton duck or drill and 100% cotton macrame cord.

To us, each piece we create is as an individual - no two are the same - so you are guaranteed to receive something special and unique.

But, we understand that everyone sees something different when they imagine their dream product, which is why we also offer custom orders.

We feel the love when we're creating, so you should feel the love when you see your product for the first time. Because after all, handmade IS Love

Baby pink macrame cord with birch plywood shelf and copper accent with two hand painted mountain shelfies and a string of peals in a vintage mug


Our Philosophy

Remember those days when you bought the cheapest of everything, just so you could have it? Well it turns out, there might actually be something to that "buy cheap, buy twice" saying.

At House of Bobbins, we believe in making beautiful, heirloom quality homewares, in the hopes that you won't ever need to buy twice again! (unless of course you want a second one - we won't stop you!)

We pride ourselves on the quality of our materials and our choice of designs in order to fill your home with some personality and pizzazz.

Home's are for living in, not just for show! So why not make them a little more fun?!?

Owner and maker at House of Bobbins, Alicia Airey


Meet the Maker

Hey, I'm Alicia!

I am the brains behind House of Bobbins.

Everything you'll find in our online store has been imagined, designed, made, finished, packed and marketed by Me - although sometimes Hubby does help with waxing the timber.

I started this little biz in order to get some "Me Time". I have always loved woodworking and this allows me take a break from the daily grind, all while making something special for you.

Proud does not even cover how I feel about how far I have come on this journey. I am honoured that you have stopped in to take a look.

Thanks for supporting my dream.


I love my copper peg shelf, the quality is fantastic and it came with instructions that made installing it super easy!



Honestly I could not be more impressed with the wonderful service. Alicia went above and beyond and I am so in love with the beautiful book sling.



Absolutely beautiful work! Really happy with the results of my book sling!!



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